Bay Insurance Agency

How do I join, and who is eligible to join?

Any person, aged 18 years and above and have a Kenya Government issued ID card is allowed to join. In order for one to join this you have to be introduced or come under a registered Bay Insurance Agency Agent.

How to sign up?

Input your names as they appear on your National Identity card.
Pay the monthly premium through M-Pesa Ensure you keep your cover in force.
You will get confirmation of your cover by SMS as soon as you pay.

What happens when am unable to pay continue paying premiums?

Premiums are paid on a monthly basis and therefore customers are required to pay this on time. This denies you (customer) all rights to earn and get insured in case an accident occurs.

How soon will a claim be paid?

After providing all documents required, payment will be made through Safaricom M-Pesa service within:

48 Hours - for loss of life claims
30 Days - for Permanent total disability claims
7 Days - for medical expenses claims

What is covered?

The insurance covers injury or loss of life resulting from an accident regardless of the cause and nature of the accident. This covers:-

Accidental loss of life
Accidental permanent total disability
Medical expenses incurred as a result of accidental injury
Last expense-Incurred for funeral arrangements
Cost of artificial appliances

Who can be covered?

Any person aged between 18 and 70 years.

What information do you require to buy?

Use your own Safaricom mobile phone line to register. Have the following most important details ready with you

Your National Identity card number
Your introducer's phone number

What do you need to get a claim paid?

Report the claim at any of the UAP offices near you. UAP offices are located in most towns in Kenya Alternatively, select "Report a Claim" in our UAP website then follow the simple instructions given


  • What is Tuinuane Compensation Plan?

    A TUINUANE COMPENSATION PLAN is an insurance benefit scheme that allows people whether self-employed, recent graduate, a dependant or on fixed-term employment. It can also be used by members who are looking for a separate scheme to increase their earning, loan capability while alive and saving for their family when they depart.

  • What are the benefits of TUINUANE COMPENSATION PLAN?

    Earn a commission on every referral you make, up to five levels your down-line
    Save your earnings with us
    Earnings can be paid monthly or quarterly
    Commissions never canceled or reduced for life of the policy, if premiums are paid on time
    Commissions never canceled or reduced regardless of future changes in age, health or occupation
    Borrow up-to 2/3 value of your PA Cover. 1/3 must be your savings with us
    (E.g. Value of PA Value is Kshs. 250,000. Save up to Kshs. 40,000 and borrow up to Kshs. 120,000)
  • How do I earn?

    One earns money through introducing someone to this business and therefore is eligible to earn commissions on every individual introduction who therefore comes under them.

  • Who is eligible to join?

    Any person, aged 18 years and above and have a Kenya Government issued ID card.

  • Loan maturity is for how long?

    This is stipulated in the rules and one is eligible for a loan after their savings have reached Kshs 5000. The loan will be three Times the amount and repayment period is dependent on your commissionsí monthly income. Loans will attract a application fee of 3% and payable rate of 12% per annum.

  • Can one change PAC value amount at will?

    We will soon offer other packaged values for our TUINUANE PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVER and contributions will be flexible for members; you specify and choose change of the new PAC value amount. It is then subject to a 30-day notice period. The monthly fees applicable also change.

  • When are benefits payable?

    Upon death whilst a member (spouse/children)
    Loans on request